March 2017

Juno´s, "Inter & MultiCh. Mkondo wa Simba Juno"
fourth and last litter was born on 02. March 2017, 5 boys and 5 girls.
Delivery was very fast and easy. Two boys and two girl without ridge,
one boy and one girl with multi crowns.

After a careful consideration we decided to have a last litter with

„InterCh. & MultiCh. Mkondo wa Simba Juno“ aka „Juno“. She is in excellent shape and we are very glad to have „Ch. Macumazahn Qwandoyas Top Gun“ aka „Maverick“ as the father.

Thank you Hanka for your trust in our breeding and in Juno :-)

As Juno´s father Rebel so Maverick is born in Australia,

so that the puppies will have a pedigre

with many Australian lines and also lines from Sweden Finland and Russia:

Macumazahn, Shelridge, Skakuru, Rijstone, Ozrhode, Tarujen, Rex Ventors, Aresvuma

are only some of the famous kennels. You can see all about Juno here at our site.

All about Maverick you will see here:


When I saw Maverick for the first time in www I fell in love. He was very young but he already fascinated me. He will turn 3 years next January and is a champion. This is not important for us but I knew he will be very successful at shows.

The first time I saw him live was in Bad Sooden/DE at the ELSA club show.

He won a strong open class, was very calm and relaxed in and out of the ring :-)

If Juno is in time I will ride in December to Czech Republic…….once again ;-)

Because the litter will be in 2017 and all puppy names begin with „Q“ we will call this litter

quinta essentia”.

For more information you can contact us.
Our breeding program sets a high value on good health and a social character also with other dogs. The parents have to complement one another in their bodies.
Furthermore we try to breed with rare pedigrees, not intended for simply reproduction.

If you are interested in a puppy of this very promising combination, please contact us early.

We B.A.R.F our dogs and the puppies (raw meat)