Fun since 2013

16.10.2016: we were on the beach, De Haan/BE, beautiful weather and all had a lot of fun :-)

Our 4 girls, September 2016

22.07.16, we visited Nelson (8 months).
Mummy Juno and sister Omnia were in on it :-)

We wanted to have a BBQ and we had to take plan B ;-)

Noni and me at the dog walk on 8th November 2015

11.09.2014: A beautiful day :-)

August 2015: I not only was on two shows with Zara and Noni in Leipzig/DE,
we also visited Sarita, Herbert, Jessy, Omari, Kiana, guest Paya and the cat Garfield :-)
We were invited to stay over the weekend and had a lot of fun.
In contrast to Zara the lake nearby was the "burner" for our Noni :-)

Kira on a visit, 11.08.2015

May 2015, on the beach/De Haan

May 2015: Lulu, three years, on a visit

Noni walking with Nutty and Nassor, 25.04.2015

thank you for the pics dear Melanie

Dog walk on 25th January 2015 with Zara, Juno & Noni,
 thank you Kim for the beautiful pics.

Dog walk on 21th December 2014 with about 40 dogs and their owners.
We participated with Juno and daughter Noni.

Walk on 15.11.13 with Muyaka (no collar), Maylin (blue) and Lex,
and the duck was always with ;-)

Walk on 17.10.13 with Juno, Lex, Magoma (red collar) and Maylin (red collar)

11.08.2013, for the "3-months-anniversary" of Maylin were
Jaha, Léo and Chevy on a visit, one member of every litter ;-)

21.02.2013, the sun is shining, 2- and 4-legged have a lot of fun :-)

Azima, Zara, Juno, Lex, Jambo en friends

Walk Zara, Jason and Juno February 2013 in Erftstadt (DE), pics by Martina Dieken.